Reflecting on my life in 2021

1. Landing a gig at Microsoft

  • My ex teaching skills (Planning and Change Management)
  • Supporting our customers through challenging times (Customer Service and Counselling)
  • Support cases (Incident Management and Cybersecurity)
  • High-level technical discussions (Cloud Solution Architect and Engineering).

2. D&I Projects at Microsoft

HTK Programming Māori Potential — Microsoft Supported
  • Join initiatives that align with your values.
  • Be selective in what initiatives you join.
  • It is ok to say NO! When you join a big corp, you want to do everything!
  • Everyone is learning as they go, so practice patience and tolerance.<- I am still learning how to navigate with this tip.
  • Be vocal and stand up to things that do not align with cultural customs.
  • Join initiatives because you believe in the purpose and outcome.
  • Call it out if you see people who are not aligning up to D&I core principles or doing stuff that does not align with tikanga or values of indigenous people.

3. Building and Buying a Home

4. Family, Friendships and Growing Connections


Boundaries and Letting Go

5. Health and Wellbeing

6. Accomplishments

7. Lessons Learned

  1. Embrace Change, I started 2021 in a new company and near the end of the year moved into a new role that aligned more with my values.
  2. Boundaries, I think this going into 2022 I will continue this for the rest of my life. As someone who was always enthusiastic and supportive, I was a huge people pleaser. It is ok to say No and put my well-being first.
  3. Never stop learning, whether it's upskilling in technical skills, taking on a new hobby or learning a new language. Never stop learning and growing.
  4. Embrace Kindness, we are still in this pandemic and people are on the edge. Showing a bit of kindness does help when things are spiralling.
  5. Growth, reflecting on what happened in 2021 and learning from all the experiences. Helped me grow.
  6. Value, I am privileged with the opportunities that have come my way this year and value the people I have in my life.

8. Going Forward



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